The Magician’s Handbook

The Magician’s Handbook” is a continuation of a previous editorial project called “Manual del Buen Mago“. It was an accordion shaped booklet wich was part of the “PLEGATS” collection.

In this booklet, with high doses of black humor, a clumsy and a bit sadistic magician reinterpreted several of the world’s most classic magic tricks.

The intention of “The Magician’s Handbook” is going a step further, giving life to this character and his magic lessons in an animated and episodic format.

In the first lesson he teaches us how to get a rabbit out of a hat, of course with catastrophic results.

Special thanks to the talented friend Roger Conesa, a great musician, singer and composer of Tarragona.

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    Txomin Medrano

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    Roger Conesa

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